Whodamanny ‎– Cosmic Morphology (A Voyage Through The Casio CZ 101 Cosmic Synthesizer)



A1 Orbit Of Niribu (Intro) 3:02
A2 Shadows On Nephtys 1:47
A3 Tiamat's Paths 1:18
A4 2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant) 2:09
A5 Ningal Moon Goddess 1:36
A6 Duodecimo Planeta 3:37
A7 Pole Of The North Ecliptic (Draco) 2:44
A8 Kigal First Dimension 3:36
A9 Kigal Second Dimension 2:07
A10 Miranda Cryovolcanoes 1:57
A11 Crab Interluda 0:12
B1 Meditation On The Icy Mountains Of Charon 0:57
B2 Dysomnia Lunar Noises 1:07
B3 Dysomnia Dead-End Chaos 1:56
B4 Rings Around Anshar 1:02
B5 Pole Of The South Ecliptic (Dorado) 3:01
B6 Comets Across Kingu 2:02
B7 Ancient Symbols From Tethys 3:52
B8 Mummu Ascension 1:16
B9 Niribuan Alphabeta (Outro) 0:07
Periodica Records (PRD01)

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