Binker And Moses ‎– Journey To The Mountain Of Forever



Disc One: The Realm Of Now
A1 The Departure 7:23
A2 Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves 6:24
A3 Fete By The River 5:23
B1 Trees On Fire 6:43
B2 The Shaman's Chant 5:43
B3 Leaving The Now Behind 7:01
Disc Two: The Realms Of The Infinite
C1 The Valley Of The Ultra Blacks 3:55
C2 Gifts From The Vibrations Of Light 5:17
C3 Mysteries And Revelations 5:14
C4 Ritual Of The Root 3:05
C5 The Voice Of Besbunu 2:35
D1 Echoes From The Other Side Of The Mountain 4:32
D2 Reverse Genesis 5:56
D3 Entering The Infinite 3:14
D4 At The Feet Of The Mountain Of Forever 8:53


2x12 LP

Gearbox Records (GB1537)

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